Removal of Filipino Subject in College Curriculum

The Supreme Court of the Philippines has finally lifted a 2015 Temporary Restraining Order sustaining the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) memorandum order in removing Filipino and Panitikan Subjects in College Curriculum. This decision was a hot-topic on the internet and has left a lot of Filipino advocates in dismay as it is adverse to the development of the Filipino language and culture. Many senators were also against the plan of CHED because it is a violation in Article XIV Sec. 6 of the Constitution which speaks about the preservation of the Filipino language as a mode of communication in the education system and that it is also a part of the identity of the Philippines.

Language is naturally tied to our country’s identity and it shows about the unique culture that Filipinos have. I was a bit saddened when I first heard it and I thought this was not a good idea at all. But upon reading the article, it gave me a sense of idea that it was right for the Higher Education to remove it as a compulsory subject in college. Everyone should know that this idea came up when the K–12 curriculum was implemented in our country due its only 10-year education system compared to the rest of the world’s 12-year education system as a means of improving its competitiveness and to increase its standard among other nations. The K-12 curriculum, adding 2 years education, was implemented so school could hone the skills and competencies of students who are willing to pursue higher education as they proceed to college. As a result, some subjects in college were removed especially Filipino to avoid studying it over and over again because it was already taught during elementary and high school years so the General Education Curriculum (GEC) has been brought down to Senior high school to decrease the number of units being administered in college. I think that the Philippine education system should be thinking of providing more effective approach in administering Filipino subjects in primary and secondary education because 12 years of learning this subject is more than enough to strengthen the knowledge of students.

The removal of Filipino subject in college curriculum is hard to take for a lot of people because it is a part of our culture and promotes nationalism which unifies its citizens. I am a Filipino citizen and I have always been loyal to my country – I value its culture and traditions. Although, Filipino classes in college is repeatedly discussed and we should be focusing on other more important subjects related to our courses that is an essential requirement in finding future jobs. The removal of Filipino subject doesn’t signify that having Filipino language and literature as subjects is not useful in our lives. They do a great contribution in knowing about the origins and history of our country. In my opinion, the Philippine education system should be thinking of several ways to make up for the removal of Filipino subjects in college by improving its teaching practice during primary and secondary education.

NATEDE – A Smart Air Natural Purifier

Ancient Times to Middle Age to Modern Times. Thousands of years have passed and we can now see the fruit of how much the world has changed since then. The mediums used by our ancestors in their daily lives to work and connect with other people has influenced the human mind’s curiosity to the development of the modern technologies. These inventions has rapidly grew overtime that it gave the people of this generation a more convenient and faster way to deal with their daily needs.

Some of the other invented technologies that causes harm to humanity led to the creation of new health mediated technologies. We are living in a modern world but disastrous environment where even the air we breathe is no longer safe. We spend too much time with unnecessary things not knowing about the dangers we may encounter whether it’s indoor or outdoor. We spend almost hundred percent of our lives inside our houses and we’re not fully aware that indoor air is also polluted as the outdoor air.

One of the world’s coolest and awesome inventions is the NATEDE (A Smart Air Natural Purifier). Aside from its eye-catching design that can be used as a decoration, NATEDE is a technology invented as an air purifier which utilizes the goodness of sustainable technology and indoor plants to remove bacterias. It has a photocatalytic filter that transforms dirty air pollutants to harmless substances removing 99% of bacteria from the air using too much energy.

Therefore, as this modern technology is placed inside a house, it automatically detects pollutants like the smokes, indoor cooking and indoor combusting, bacterias and viruses caught by people, mold, dust, pet dander and detergent and others. When these agents are caught by the photocatalytic filter inside the NATEDE, it decreases possibility of having allergies, asthma, headaches and dizziness. And in exchange, it leads people to be more productive throughout the day, have a sleep without distruptions and most of all improve one’s health to be able to function physically and mentally.

When the air is clean, problems cause by pollution will be less most especially on human health. People will become more productive. There will be greater input among nations and the universe will become richer.